Tim Roseborough: Artist's Statement and Artwork Information

My generation is notable for being exposed to an ever-expanding array of screens: motion pictures, televisions, computer monitors, cell-phones and hand held devices.

My work is informed by this "screen culture:" film, television, virtual reality and video games. I incorporate contemporary aesthetics into my art, but my work injects these "screens" with ambiguity, questions and challenges.

From paint tubes in the 19th century, to acrylic paint, silkscreen technique and portable film and video cameras in the 20th, artists have seized upon new technologies in their practices, thereby reinvigorating art for each age. Following in this tradition, I utilize a range of what is broadly termed "Digital Media," including 2-and-3-dimensional modeling and animation, video, digital photography, Web sites and digital printing. My practice involves traditional artist's skills including drafting, sketching and coloring, while incorporating 21st Century aptitudes such as programming and digital design and modeling.

I consider myself part of what I call the "Bay Area Digitalist" movement, a loose collective of artists and designers who are influenced by the technology and information culture that flourishes in the Northern California region.

My work is informed by Minimalism, Conceptual and Video art and infuses these influences with a provocative vision and singular visual aesthetic.

In my Englyph series, I have devised a new way of writing English and other Latin alphabet based languages. This process, implemented in a variety of media including Web sites, animations and digital prints, has a distinctive style and, literally, its own visual vocabulary.

My animations, installations and videos focus on events, media and cultural phenomena and artifacts that have been lost, ignored or forgotten, mining the past and the subconscious of our culture to highlight profound, yet under-recognized, notions and ideas.

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Revolting Identity

Four Themes

Seven Words In A Browser

Seven Words On A Television

Bay Area Digitalists Exhibition

Seven Questions and Eight Words

Words Are Stronger Than Art

Enduring Protest

Installation View

Retiring Words

Real Estate Beats

The Rebus Names Project

Contenda Quiz Event


The Dark Matters

D. Skilling Performs 'Minimalism'


Outsourced Performance


Hello from Kala

The Art Rap EP


A Puzzling Display

Take One: A Gifting Performance

All Fit Together

A Throw of the Dart...

Staring Contest


The Spectacular Seat

Notes In/troducing Englyph

Primary, Black and White

Fifty Gifts

Singing Garden

Portrait of Jason II


Here Is The Room

The Public White Cube...

The Official 'Marilyn'...

No One Dies...

Facial Deconstruction...


Number One...

Neon Garden


Handstan in We R...

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