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The Dark Matters

HTML, Javascript, CSS, JPG, GIF, Custom URL, Paper Boxes (2 in x 2 in Each Assembled)
2 Single Channel Videos

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My 2014 Seasonal project included a number of black paper boxes that were sent to contacts and colleagues, in keeping with the cryptic and mystical theme of the project.

The Dark Matters

By Tim Roseborough
Vocals by D. Skilling

Dark Matter is the sound you hear
When you put your hands to your ears
The endless view
When you cover your eyes, too

We're sorry if it feels
But the world is losing
With the little you're choosing
Our time could seem much more
Indelible if you'd simply
Amplify your field of viewing

Oh, Dark Matter is all around you
It surrounds you now
Oh, Dark Matter is
Trying to find you
Looking for you now

Dark matter is the screaming noise
You make when you silence your voice
The words that leak
Out when you refuse to speak

Dark matter is the water deep
Seeping round your bed while you sleep
It will persist
Until you cannot resist

We know, it seems unsightly
To implore but there's
So much more
Than what you choose to ignore

You just might find what you've
Been looking for if you see
What's waiting for you
At your back door

Oh, Dark Matter is all around you
Looking at you now
Dark Matter is going to
Find you, right behind you now

© Tim Roseborough 2017. All Rights Reserved.