Words Are Stronger Than Art                (link to documentation)

Words Are Stronger Than Art

One Vinyl Mural, 11 ft x 18 ft, Canvas

In July of 2015, I contributed to a show entitled, "Concerning Human Communication" at the School of Visual Arts' Visual and Critical Studies Gallery in New York City. My contribution is titled, "Words Are Stronger Than Art."

I chose this title because I have found that although visual art can achieve a world of communicative goals, language is sometimes best at exploring and elaborating complex topics and concepts. The title of the piece is less of an opinion than a deeply subjective — and evolving — observation.

I am interested in exploring the dynamics between the wall and artwork by "reversing" the placement of the art in relation to the wall piece.

For the installation, I covered a wall in the gallery with a mural featuring the phrase, "Everything But Art" (a distillation of the theme) in my Englyph writing system.

In the middle of the mural hangs an "empty" canvas, to draw attention to and challenge the polarities of wall vs artwork, as well as subtly commenting on the manner in which the context surrounding an object — including the language that describes it — shapes and defines its perception as art.

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