Revolting Identity Series                                (link to documentation)

I'm Not H***n, But You Are

Revolting Identity Series
A Trio of Diptychs: Each Laser-Etched Acrylic, 18 in x 24 in

In the spring of 2016 I was invited to participate in a trio of shows, two of which were organized around the notions of identity: racial and sexual respectively.

The third exhibition was created in commemoration of the centennial of the Dada movement, formed in 1916.

The fact that Dada reveled in the Absurd led me to ponder the absurdity of the human insistence upon labeling the traits and predilections of other humans in order to distinguish, categorize and oftentimes, judge and segregate them.

Although grateful for the opportunity, I found it curious that I was being invited to participate based upon my affiliation with two separate and seemingly distinct “identities,” although I consider myself to be one, whole human.

I also hope to be invited to participate in shows that focus upon the formal or conceptual aspects of my artwork, as well.

My "Revolting Identity" series, presently consisting of three diptychs of laser etched acrylic and spread over these three exhibitions, attempts to address this issue with aesthetic strategies.

I sought to both embrace and reject these labels, while encouraging the viewer to examine him or herself, through the title of the pieces and the visual elements of opaque and mirrored surfaces, with the titles of the works etched in my Englyph writing system.

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